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Saborn Trading is a specialized partner to European department stores, textile supermarkets, drugstore chains, mail order houses and food super- and hypermarkets, with over 35 years of in-house experience of the apparel and license industry.



Who are we?

• Specialised partner to European department stores, textile supermarkets, drugstore chains, mail order houses and food super- and hypermarkets.
• With over 35 years of in-house experience of the apparel and license industry.
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What do we do?

• Develop and market inspiring and trendy license and private label baby, kids, teens and adults apparel, underwear, nightwear and other related textile and non-textile accessories.
• Develop and market creative total concepts of license and private label textiles and associated textile and non-textile accessories.
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How do we do it?

• Constantly keeping close track of what is happening in the world of fashion and licenses.
• Translating the newest trends in concepts to suit our individual customer’s style and wishes.
• Produce conform customer’s requirements, with respect for people and environment.
• Deliver to customers in time.
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We strive to constantly improve and increase the sustainability of our total supply chain.

Together with our staff, agents, manufactures and suppliers we constantly work towards our goal that all our products being 100% guaranteed and certified made with:

• Respect for the rights of all individuals involved.
• Respect for the environment.

To achieve the above goals we work together with Fair Trade and Global Organic Textile Standards. More over, we simply want all parties involved, from customer to supplier, to be proud of our products.
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July 2017

A very nice article on the Disney site about our products at Zeeman textielSupers

March 2017

Check out the 2nd trailer of the Despicable Me 3, in theaters around June 30.

November 2016

Band tees aren’t anything new. Worn originally to rock gigs and to support our favourite bands, they’ve now become a real fashion item.
From AC/DC to Def Leppard and from Blondie to KISS..we offer them all.
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September 2016

Kids and licenses, we strongly believe it’s a match made in heaven.
If you look at this cutie in his Mickey Mouse suit you’ll see that you can’t start early enough with wearing license items.
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May 2016

Check out our newest superhero heroes don’t get dirty ;)
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February 2016

We're pleased to start with a new license from the makers of Despicable me. Watch the funny trailer of their movie 'Secret life of Pets'.

November 2015

Check out the trailer of the newest Starwars Movie, we're guesing it will be a huge success.

September 2015

We congratulate our customer Zeeman with winning the honorable price:
'Best Dutch retailer in baby and kids fashion 2015-2016'
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August 2015

For our Dutch customer Prenatal we've developed an exclusive Disney collection. Check it out online at and in store now!
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April 2015

Fashionblogger Carmen from is wearing our Bambi Sweater!
Check how cool she looks wearing this sweater, we've developed for our customer 'The Sting'.
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February 2015

End of this year Peanuts will release a Snoopy movie, watch the teaser now.

January 2015

Watching the Dutch news we were pleasently surprised to see the weather women Amara wearing our Bambi Tee, wich we've developed for our customer 'The Sting'.
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November 2014

What a great news, the Minions will have their own movie. The release will be summer 2015. We love the cute little yellow ones, just watch them in the official trailer.


General & Buying

Wil Kerkhof
Tel +31 46 4598186

General, Sales & Licenses

Hein Holleman
Tel +31 46 4598182

Sales & Styling

Ilse Kruijswijk
Tel +31 46 4598189


Barry Vereijssen
Tel +31 46 4598185


Saborn Trading BV
Sportlaan 8
5683 CS Best
For all questions, or any further information please send us an email or give us a call:

Tel +31 46 4598181
Fax +31 46 4521463
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